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Canal Lake


Tile Lake


About the Lakes

Tickets for the lakes are priced £9 per day. Evening tickets are priced £6 after 4pm.

The three lakes total over 6 acres of water with plenty of well spaced pegs. All are well stocked with mainly carp and bream, although there are also plenty of barbel, chub, tench, perch, roach and rudd.

Pole fishing and feeder fishing are very popular approaches on Tile and Brick Lakes. Waggler fishing shallow also works well in the warmer months.
Pole fishing is the best way to attack Canal Lake, although any float fishing style should catch well.

Pellets and paste work well in the summer, swapping to corn and maggots when it is colder.

There are regular matches held on each of the lakes, often booked by visiting clubs. We also run an over 50s match every Monday, and a Christmas Open on Brick and Tile lakes. Wherever possible, we leave at least one lake open for pleasure anglers and holidaymakers.

Take a look at our dedicated Match News page for details of forthcoming fixtures and results from recent events.

Now, for more inspiration, take a look through our photos opposite...

The Rules

We try to not have loads of complicated rules, and any that we do enforce are strictly with the safety of our fish in mind. Like most of our visitors, we are sure you will appreciate this and help to keep our fish stocks and fishery surrounds in the best possible condition.


  • We are open from dawn to dusk, with the gates opening at 6am earliest
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Landing nets and keepnets are supplied by us
  • No nuts or boilies
  • No fixed leads or feeders
  • We appreciate unhooking mats being used when after big fish
  • Please do not lay fish on the floor or handle them in towels or cloths


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